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Jonava Adult and Youth Education Centre has about 378 students of different age seeking to acquire basic and secondary education. There are also non-formal education groups: Aerobics, English Club, Photo club, Basketball etc. There are The Third-Age University students (age 45+). They are studying different subjects: Arts, Languages, ICT etc. Lithuanian partner will be responsible for project blog creation and will contribute to this project also by teaching other project partners about the impact of digital technology on learning outcomes and via open lessons together with learners will demonstrate assignments where critiquing as a collaborative learning exercise can be used : (1.) writing assignments; (2.) presentations; (3.) interviews etc. as the use of ICT and innovative educational methods in processes eliminates the usual methodologies, enabling the introduction of more advanced methods. Teachers notice and identify the benefits of technology for improving the educational process.

The most noticeable effect of increasing the motivation of adults’ learning as well as their active involvement in learning activities by applying ICT and innovative educational methods.

The aim of the Centre: to develop members of society for democratic (to raise their intellectual, cultural and moral standards), to create conditions for acquisition of general knowledge for raise of qualification or requalification, to train members of society for competent intercommunication, to develop a person’s self-expression and self-education.

With this project the following areas for improvement were identified:

  1. To improve the level of mastering of the latest information technologies by organizing international mobility and establishing new partnerships;
  2. Improvement of teachers’ general and professional competencies through the use of ICT and innovative educational methods;
  3. To improve and elaborate the quality of teaching in ICT by using innovative methods and ways to achieve student progress by helping them to acquire a higher level of education.

Mobility in Lithuania


15.08- 21.08. 2021


The original mobility in Jonava, Lithuania, was planned for April 2020, but the pandemic situation corrected our schedules, and with the support of the Project Administration, we prolonged the project. Finally, it was possible to meet in August 2021. It has been 18 months since the mobility in Latvia, so it was even more worthwhile to see the partners reports of activities. Lithuanian partner introduced the Centre, presented statistics of adult learners profile in formal and informal learning programmes.

The Agenda was slightly changed as we needed to pay more attention to changes experienced in our institutions during the pandemic. The Third-Age University and how they work with ICT during the pandemic was presented as before. The Jonava Adult and Youth Training Center operated in the usual way; lessons took place at school. However, the Covid-19 pandemic brought innovations to school – distance learning and blended learning was applied. Teachers needed to develop multitasking skills because they had to “juggle” tasks, attention, technological skills and artistic abilities in the online lessons.

Jonava Adult and Youth Training Center presented various tools and learning platforms used for distance learning, such as Kahoot, Google Clasroom, Moodle, ZOOM, Go to Meeting, Messenger app together with materials created in Latvia meeting- digital tools evaluation form, that was used to choose the most appropriate ones. Participants executed workshops to learn from Lithanuan partner experience – how they created learning materials, organized video chats, managed the online classroom, motivated students, and evaluated tools and self-evaluation. Methods such as lecture, discussion, debate, case study, repetition and consolidation, educational games, experimentation, search for new resources, exploration, practice exercises, tasks that require creative thinking have been transferred to the virtual space. Participants from Latvia and Iceland were also inspired to use more modern methods, such as flipping classrooms and creating interactive books. 

Using phones in lessons and outside the classroom was also discussed, presented, and explored within this mobility. After this meeting, gaming as a tool to gain new competencies will enter partner institutions s well. 

After training course evaluation, future activities planning, and discussion regarding dissemination of mobility in Lithuania among partner institutions, partners concentrated on the project’s Final Report and cultural activity in Jonava, Jonava Regional Museum followed.