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Enhancement of Adults’ Participation in the Lifelong Learning through Improvement of the Intercultural Competences of Adult Educators in Šalčininkai Multicultural District

About the project

According to Eurostat data in year 2013 lifelong learning rate in Lithuania (participation in lifelong learning during the last 4 weeks) between residents of 25-64 years old accounted for 5.7 percent (The EU average in year 2013 – 10.5 percent).
Low level of adult learning in Šalčininkai district affects the following factors:
1. Weak general competencies, first of all, intercultural competence of adult educators.
2. Lack of coordination of the development of adult education.

Project aim is to increase adult participation in lifelong learning by improving adult educators’ intercultural competences. Project activities focused on improvement of lifelong learning system and adult educators’ intercultural competences in Šalčininkai district, taking over experience of Iceland.
Project results: two internships to Iceland (10 participants in each) organized; according to the good practice of Iceland, recommendations for the development of the non-formal education for Šalčininkai municipality are prepared; cooperation event (international conference) for dissemination of project experience organized for 30 participants in Lithuania.
Duration of the project: 12 months. Project activities directly comply with the goals of the project. The target groups of the project – representatives of project applicant and partners organizations, the personnel of Šalčininkai district municipality administration and local education division, managerial, administrative, pedagogical personnel and representatives of adult education institutions from the organizations subordinate and non –subordinate to the local government.
By participating in the project activities they will improve their intercultural competences. Acquired new knowledge and skills will help them to respond to the changing needs of the adult education system more effectively. Increasing internationalization of trainings, raising new challenges for improvement of qualification for community educators.

Project partner Jafnréttishús. It  has a great experience in the field of intercultural competence development. The knowledge of the subject of the project partner will contribute to the project objectives.

Study Visit Programme    6th-10th of June 2016

Main partner(s): Šalčininkai Education and Information Centre
Other partners: Equality Centre (IS-Jafn, Center for Adult Learning)

Monday, June 6th arrival.

13:00                       Meeting beside the Jafnréttishús. Lunch at Silfur

14:30-15:30       Presentation of the programme. Short presentation of the Jafnréttishús in the Jafnréttishús :
                                     Hafnarfjordur 220, Strandgata 25

19:00                       Dinner at Viking hotel
Tuesday, June 7th

09:40                       Meeting beside the Jafnréttishús

10:00                       Visiting Menntasetrið við Lækinn in Hafnarfjordur (Centre of Lifelong Learing in Hafnarfjordur),
                                     Hafnarfjordur 220, Menntasetrið við lækinn

11:30                       Lunch at Tilveran

13:00                       Presentation of pedagogical work in schools of Hafnarfjordur at skólaskrifstofa Hafnarfjarðar
                                    (department of Education in Hafnarfjordur):  Hafnarfjordur, 220, Linnetsstíg 3(4th floor)

14:30                       Presentation from Móðurmál (the Mother Tongue Association) in Jafnréttishús

18:00                       Dinner at Viking hotel

Wednesday, June 8th
Meeting beside the Viking hotel

10:00-12:00        Meeting local government and discussion about pedagogical work in schools of Akranes at municipality of
: Akranes, 300 , Stillholti 16-18
                                      Presentation (at municipality of Akranes) about Símenntunarmiðstöð Vesturlands (Centre of Lifelong Learning in
: Akranes, 300, Suðurgata 57

12:00-13:30         Lunch at Galito

14:00                       Visiting Fjölbrautaskóli Vesturlands á Akranesi (FVA) (Junior college),
                                    Akranes, 300, Suðurgata 57

19:00                       Dinner at Viking hotel

Thursday, June 9th
09:00-16:00       Golden Circle (Gullfoss Waterfall, Geysir hot spring and þingvellir national park, Krýsuvík)
17:00                       Farwell Dinner

Friday, June 10th
Free time

Study visit programme 22nd – 24th of June 2016

Wednesday, June 22nd

09:40                       Meeting beside the Jafnréttishús

10:00                       Visiting Menntasetrið við Lækinn in Hafnarfjordur (Centre of Lifelong Learning in Hafnarfjordur):
                                  Hafnarfjordur, 220, Menntasetrið við Lækinn

12:00                       Lunch

13:30-15:30        Presentation of the programme. Short presentation of the Jafnréttishús in the Jafnréttishús:
                                     Hafnarfjordur, 220, Strandgata 25

19:00                       Dinner at Viking hotel

Thurday, June 23rd

09:00                       Meeting beside the Jafnréttishús

10:00                       Visiting and presentation of Leikskólinn Holt (kindergarten):
                                     Reykjavík, 111, Völvufelli 7-9
11:30                        Lunch

13:00                       Visiting and presentation of Fellaskóli (the general school):
                                     Reykjavík, 111, Norðurfelli 17-19
18:00                       Dinner at Viking hotel

Friday, June 24th

09:20                       Meeting beside the Jafnréttishús

10:00                       Visiting and presentation of Öldutúnsskóli:
                                     Hafnarfjordur, 220, Öldutún 9
12:00-13:30       Lunch

13:30-15:30       Presentation from Móðurmál (The Mother Tongue Association)

19:00                       Dinner at Viking hotel